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Sofwavein McKinney, TX

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Feel the Wave

The Colony & McKinney Sofwave at TRU Med Spa

Looking for a treatment that can help improve the appearance of your skin? Sofwave may be the solution. Our cutting-edge ultrasound technology kickstarts your body's collagen production, giving you smoother, softer, and firmer skin. The Sofwave treatment is available at TRU Med Spa in McKinney & The Colony, where we are committed to providing world-class solutions in cosmetic science. Experience the benefits of Sofwave for yourself and see an increase in your self-confidence.

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What is Sofwave?

Sofwave ultrasound technology is an innovative, non-invasive method for elevating the eyebrow, tightening the skin of the neck and submental tissues, and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the face with little recovery time. In addition, treatment of the mid-dermis is now possible thanks to SUPERB Synchronous Ultrasound Parallel Beam technology with built-in cooling, which prevents injury to the epidermis and structures beneath the skin. With Sofwave's cutting-edge technology, TRU Med Spa can provide patients with cutting-edge but straightforward, efficient, and secure aesthetic treatments.

Sofwave at TRU Med Spa

With Sofwave McKinney & The Colony, TX's TRU Med Spa brings you this revolutionary technology among the rest of their line to ensure you have the newest tools in cosmetic improvement. Our highly trained staff have the resources and skills to give you life-enhancing treatments in a calm and relaxing environment.

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TRU ly Unique

What can Sofwave do?

Various invasive surgical procedures are available today that aim to repair lines and wrinkles on the face. However, there is still a demand for non-invasive cosmetic treatments that are effective, safe, and require just a short recovery time.

The more extreme alternatives have the potential to harm the upper layer of skin, which, in turn, necessitates a lengthy period of healing and a significant amount of downtime. Additionally, there is an increased likelihood of experiencing adverse consequences, such as discoloration and pain. The one-of-a-kind technology developed by Sofwave makes it possible to exert precise control over the delivery of energy in terms of quantity and location, all the while shielding the skin's surface with an integrated cooling mechanism and allowing everyday activities to continue unabated.

Aesthetic Improvements

Your The Colony or McKinney Sofwave Consultation at TRU Med Spa

During your consultation, your aesthetic specialist will want to get to know you better by discovering your motivations for seeking aesthetic-improving treatments like Sofwave. Then, they will examine your skin and facial structure and offer recommendations to help you reach your goals.

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Results that matter

Sofwave Preparation & Procedure

This procedure does not require much time and can treat the entire face in as little as 30 to 45 minutes. Additionally, Sofwave is simple to execute. In most cases, the treatment procedure calls for one to two treatments, although the exact number of sessions required is determined by the patient's skin condition and the advice of your aesthetic specialist.

Benefits with one treatment

Sofwave Recovery, Results, & Aftercare

Because the process of collagen regeneration can sometimes take up to 12 weeks. Patients are expected to observe continued improvements following their treatment. In the clinical trials that Sofwave has conducted, benefits have been shown after as little as one treatment.

Sofwave is developed to reduce the amount of time spent in downtime and to maximize the convenience for patients:

  • There were no reports of bruising, ulceration, or skin pigmentation during clinical testing;
  • There is no requirement for the device to penetrate the skin;
  • There were no device-related adverse events reported during the multi-center clinical study;
  • None of the patients experienced persistent discomfort that would delay a return to normal activities.

Maintaining your Sofwave Results

TRU Med Spa is equipped with many of the best and most advanced treatments to ensure you can continue to maintain and improve your appearance regularly. We truly are invested in your progress. So schedule your consultation today to meet your future cosmetic friends.

Sofwave Frequently Asked Questions

How long do Sofwave results last?

Similar to other therapies, new collagen takes up to 12 weeks to grow fully. Since the effects wear off over time, you should schedule touch-up appointments once a year to keep things looking their best. However, it won't be as effective at smoothing and lifting as a surgical facelift.

How much does Sofwave cost?

  • Average Cost: $2,150
  • Range: $1,000 - $3,500
  • The amount you pay will depend on location as well as the scope of the treatment.

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TRU Med Spa is dedicated to your overall wellness and progress by taking care of your inner and outer beauty. We deliver care that you can count on, and treatments that deliver a difference you can see and feel. Schedule your consultation today.

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